About Us

Highland Creative is an innovative, award-winning, established design studio dedicated to providing creative and fresh customised graphic design, website design and marketing solutions to wide-ranging businesses.

Highly qualified designers and design educators, we offer a complete graphic and web design and copywriting service to suit most client requirements.

We work closely with clients to identify the essence of each business to develop appealing, appropriate and creative bespoke designs.

Our personalised approach and reputation for delivering strong and innovative design solutions on time contribute to forming ongoing long term relationships with our clients.

Over the past 30 years, the company has evolved from sole operator, providing hand-drawn graphic designs and typesetting, to computerised design supporting a hand-picked team of creatives and technicians.

Our client base is extensive and varied in size and business, from engineers to artists and creatives, from financiers to stock breeders, from real estate agents to wineries, from council to corporate to quilters, from large scale manufacturers to retail and sole operators.